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Many people have told us that despite their expectations, being diagnosed with a food allergy can actually be a positive thing. When you begin to pay attention to what you eat, you develop a relationship with food that goes beyond just nourishment or pleasure - instead, food becomes a path to wellbeing in mind as well as body. Which is exactly what we believe here at ilumi, and the reason we take such care with the dishes we create.

If you've had symptoms of food allergy or intolerance for a while, you'll already know why you need to avoid the allergens that are making you unwell. This might be a simple change, or it could mean a whole revamp of your diet and your lifestyle. We're here to help with dedicated, expert advice.

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Expert advice at your fingertips

Janet Aylott, PhD RNutr is ilumi's on-staff nutritionist, and we count on her to help us develop recipes that are nutritionally sound as well as delicious and allergen-free.

We're not about to keep her expertise to ourselves, though! We know how confusing the world of food allergies and intolerances can be, so we've asked Janet to create a resource centre to give you reliable, evidence-based information about your allergy as well as some great tips on living a fulfilling allergen-free life. We hope Janet's articles will help give you some extra insight into what gluten-free and allergen-free can mean for you. Here's what she's written so far; watch this space for more articles!

Allergen-free, demystified

Is allergen-free even possible? Here's what the allergen-free label means - and what it doesn't.

What does 'gluten-free' really mean?

How do you follow a gluten-free diet, and do you need to be a diagnosed coeliac to benefit from it?

Allergen labelling - it's changing!

What to look for on food labels, and how new legislation is making it easier to identify allergens (finally!)

Spotlight on nuts

Peanuts aren't actually nuts at all - they're legumes. But many of us are allergic either to them or the nuts that grow on trees. Here's what you need to know about this potentially life-threatening allergy.

The low-down on lactose intolerance

One in five of us will have the symptoms at some point, and it can come and go. Do you know how to tell if you're affected?

The 'other 10' food allergens to watch out for

There are 14 allergens that need to be highlighted on food labels, by law. Here's a list of them, and how we control for them at ilumi.

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