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An evening to remember at Vozars! Bloggers, meet ilumi

After some manic last-minute preparations, our second pop-up blogger event is now behind us, and what a delight it was! The ilumi team made the lengthy trek from County Durham down to London for an evening packed with tasty food, delicious wine and beer, and great conversation - all kindly hosted by our friends at [Vozars][1], an intimate café/deli in Brixton Market. Vozars is inspired by one of our favourite gluten-free beers, [Celia Lager][2]; the cafe is fully wheat and gluten-free, and a real treat – we recommend it if you’re in the area!

The evening was the perfect opportunity for us to catch up with familiar faces, and of course meet some new ones and introduce them to the pleasures of ilumi. The last-minute tube strike cancellation was the icing on the cake - no last-minute panics over finding a new route home, and extra time to taste all the delicious dishes, too!

The bloggers we invited were given an exclusive opportunity to taste our entire new Gastropub range (a perfect choice, given the icy-cold weather!) Here's what was on the menu:

**Venison Casserole with Pancetta & Sloe Gin, served with Thyme Infused Mash**

**[Tender Pork with Suffolk Cider and Wholegrain Mustard][3], served with Ginger Infused Mash**

**Succulent Lamb in Gluten Free Ale with Haricot Beans, served with Chorizo Infused Mash**

**[Coq au Vin][4] served with Tarragon Infused Mash**

Our partner for the evening was [Peter Lehmann Wines][5]; whilst we provided the food, they kept everyone's glasses topped up with delicious Australian wines, specially chosen to match the dishes. A bit of price guessing and some unexpected facts made for a few surprising discoveries, and of course a few laughs. And for those who preferred beer, the fabulous folks from Celia were on hand with a stash of gluten-free lager, so we were very much spoilt for choice.

Unlike the wine, where everyone seemed to have a clear favourite, no one could decide on a favourite new ilumi dish, finding each one as delicious as the last (our recipe development team are pretty chuffed about that part!)
The relaxed and informal setting proved to be the perfect way to bring people together over delicious food. For our part, it was well worth the long journey, and we’re definitely planning to do this again soon – perhaps at a venue near you!

*Where would you like to see us host our next blogger event? Give us your vote in the comments section, as well as any suggestions for the perfect allergy-friendly venue!*

[1]: http://vozars.co.uk/
[2]: http://celialager.co.uk/
[3]: http://www.ilumiworld.com/products/view/new_tender_pork_with_cider_and_wholegrain_mustard
[4]: http://www.ilumiworld.com/products/view/new_tender_pork_with_cider_and_wholegrain_mustard
[5]: http://www.peterlehmannwines.com/

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