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Our final Chinese Takeaway: Beef in Black Bean Sauce

We're rounding out our month of Chinese delights with a total takeaway classic: [Beef in Black Bean Sauce][1], mouthwateringly savoury and rich with subtle flavour.

Black bean sauce is traditionally made by fermenting soybeans to add a salty pungency, making them a terrific condiment to use in stir-frying. We've tossed ours with tender pieces of our delicious British beef and crunchy water chestnuts and green peppers, plus onion, chili, garlic, soy, vinegar, and a touch of sweetness to balance the flavour profile. The result is easily as tasty as your local takeaway, not to mention a good deal healthier!

Pair this with some white or brown rice or a bowl of rice noodles, and add a bit of lightly steamed pak choi on the side for extra colour and crunch. Or go all out and order all four of our new Chinese dishes, and invite some friends round for a proper banquet !

*Gan bei* (cheers) from everyone at ilumi... and here's looking forward to next month, when we move on to explore the delicious delights of Modern Asian cuisine!

[1]: http://www.ilumiworld.com/products/view/beef-in-black-bean-sauce

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