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A taste of Malaysia – our new Chicken Laksa is an exotic treat

Malaysia has been one of the world's great crossroads for centuries, and Malay cuisine is a symphony of flavours, embodying the myriad of cultures that have influenced its population - Thai, Indian, Chinese and Arabian, to name just a few!

This dish is a real classic, one of the cornerstones of Malay cooking – a spicy, creamy broth with a tangy punch that's characteristic of the flavours in this part of the world. Malaysian Laksa often features seafood like prawns and mussels, but we've made ours with tender pieces of British free-range chicken, simmered in a rich coconut broth spiked with tart tamarind paste. Lime leaves and ginger add their own exotic notes to the mix in this vibrant and fragrant dish. It's a unique combination that's hard to describe, and even harder to forget - many travelers to Southeast Asia come home with a craving for this delicious dish that lasts long after their suntans have faded.

Laksa is traditionally served with wide rice noodles, which combine with the satisfying broth to make a noodle soup that's second to none! We suggest boiling your favourite rice noodles until just tender, then adding them to the hot laksa. Serve [our Chicken Laksa][1] with a sprinking of chopped coriander on top to add one final aromatic touch, and perhaps a handful of bean sprouts for a deliciously fresh crunch.


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