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Curry in a hurry! Our range expands again...

We love all kinds of food here at ilumi, but in a way, we were really founded on curry. Our [Kerala chicken curry][1], which hails from southern India, was the first ilumi recipe to go into production, and it's still a firm customer favourite. (It also recently won a coveted [Free-From Food Award][2] - something of which we're quite proud!)

The rich, varied flavours of curries from around the world are still something we love to explore, and with the launch of this week's amazing [Geng Gari vegetable curry][3], we've expanded our award-winning range to include six mouth-watering curry recipes!

Geng Gari is a Thai curry, and our [Tom Kime][4]-inspired recipe is a perfect example of the delicate balance that makes Thai cooking so delicious. We've added precise amounts of ingredients and spices to create a harmonious blend: sweetness from butternut squash, coconut milk and sweet potato, plus lemongrass, tamarind and lime juice to add a tart accent to this vegetable curry. Warm, aromatic Thai basil and ginger round out the flavours (and give this dish an amazing scent!)

Our other curry dishes ([Vegetable & Chickpea Jalfrezi,][5] [Cardamom Chicken][6], [Thai Red Curry][7] and our award-winning [Lamb Rogan Josh][8]) are well worth exploring, too – each with its own characteristic blend of flavours. The Jalfrezi and Rogan Josh are a bit more fiery, as you'd expect from dishes that come from hot, dry northern India. Cardamom Chicken has a hint of heat, but focuses mainly on the unique, aromatic flavour of green cardamom pods, an essential accent in Indian cooking. And the Thai Red Curry, as you might imagine, is chock-full of those amazing aromas that you'll find throughout Thailand: chillies, coconut, Thai basil and coriander.

Thai cuisine is only one of the regions we'll be exploring this month, as we focus on Modern Asian recipes – so keep an eye on our [Facebook page][9] to see what we'll be cooking up next week!

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