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Our Favourite Gluten-free Recipe Books

Gluten-free recipe books can often be a vital resource to those with coeliac disease, and especially to the newly diagnosed; they’re a perfect opportunity to experiment with different types of ingredients and different ways of cooking.

When you first find out you have to go gluten-free, your first thought maybe on what you have to give up, which is totally understandable. However, many people start to feel the benefits within a few days, and symptoms such as nausea, diarrhoea and bloating can clear up within a few weeks (although everyone is different). This can be a huge relief and undoubtedly contributes towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. Many people even say that their allergy has led them to a new, deeper relationship with their food, seeing it as a source of health and life-giving nutrition.

To help you experiment and develop your gluten-free cooking skills or to simply add more recipes to your expanding collection, we’ve done some research and picked our top 5 gluten-free recipe books that you may want to add to your book shelf:

[Seriously Good! Gluten-free Baking: In Association with Coeliac UK by Phil Vickery][1] – Phil Vickery is a [Coeliac UK][2] Food Ambassador and over recent years he’s started to specialise in gluten-free baking, which he believes is the most difficult aspect of the gluten-free diet to overcome. In this book he offers over 70 recipes, including family favourites such as Pancakes with Maple Syrup, Strawberry Tart with Meringue Topping and Rich Chocolate Slab Cake. The Bread Chapter includes Breakfast Brioche, Rosemary & Garlic Focaccia, while those with a sweet tooth can enjoy Buttermilk Muffins. There’s even a chapter devoted to Celebration Cakes – our stomachs are rumbling already!

[Healthy Gluten-free Eating: In Association with Coeliac UK (Healthy Eating Series)][3] – Darina and Rosemary have created over 100 tempting gluten-free recipes, including those which are usually off limits to anyone following a gluten free diet, for example, buckwheat lasagne and chicken & tarragon pie. This book contains recipes for a variety of meal times, including, breakfast, lunch and dinner – so you can never be stuck. Many of the customers who’ve reviewed this book say it includes basic, easy to follow, tasty recipes. Not only does it include an array of recipes, it offers some great advice too….win win!

[The Gluten-free Cookbook for Kids by Adriana Rabinovich][4]- It can be daunting and overwhelming to be diagnosed with coeliac disease as a child, they can often feel isolated at a time when their friends are enjoying pasta, cake, bread and pizza. However, luckily, over the past 5 years the retail market for gluten-free food has grown dramatically, meaning there is a much greater choice than ever before. The Gluten-free Cookbook for Kids includes over 100 recipes from crispy chicken nuggets, pizza, birthday cakes and cookies, so your child certainly won’t feel like they’re missing out. There’s even creative ideas for special treats, healthy snacks and lunchboxes and top tips for eating out, travelling and school trips, which we’re sure you parents will appreciate. [Adriana Rabinovich’s][5] primary objective in sharing this information is to reassure parents that following a gluten-free diet will not prevent children from eating and enjoying delicious food on a daily basis. She herself has first-hand experience as her daughter, Ruthie, was diagnosed with coeliac disease at just 17 months. Check out Adriana’s website [HERE][4] for further recipes and information.

[Gluten-free Christmas by Hannah Miles][6] – The first Christmas after being diagnosed with coeliac disease is always a difficult one, you can often get caught up in what you can’t eat, finding yourself drifting back to those childhood memories of baked goods. But it doesn’t have to be that way, this book gives everyone the chance to enjoy a variety of festive treats. It includes recipes for cookies and gingerbread as well as large festive cakes and desserts. You can even throw the perfect gluten-free party with recipes for Canapés and Party Bites. From mini cornbreads and blinis topped with smoked salmon and caviar to golden salted caramel tartlets and cheese straws. Top your turkey with festive gravy or bread sauce, or serve chestnut stuffing alongside perfectly roasted root vegetables.

[How To Cook for Food Allergies: Understand Ingredients, Adapt Recipes with Confidence and Cook for an Exciting Allergy-Free Diet by Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne][7] - This book explains why allergenic ingredients such as wheat, eggs and dairy products are so ubiquitous and how they are used, to help readers understand when and how to use substitute ingredients. The book includes more than 100 recipes, including sauces, pastry, bread, cakes, mains courses and desserts. It even include food for babies and children, described by The Telegraph as a “trusted source of advice and inspiration!”

They are now a great deal of cookery books on the market, suitable for a gluten-free diet. These are just a selection of our recommended favourites. Have you tried any of these books? We would love to hear about your experience. Or do you perhaps have other recipe books that you swear by that you would recommend to others? Let us know!




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