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Our NEW winter recipes : Chilli Cottage Pie

The crisp unpredictable British winter is upon us once again.

Although winter can be a lovely time of year, it can really put a chill in your bones! As temperatures dip it’s essential we try to eat well, food is a vital source of fibre that helps keep the body warm. Luckily, our talented development team are on hand! In association with Michelin-starred chef, Brendan Ansbro we've created a collection of quick and comforting winter recipes, which are guaranteed to keep you warm and full over the frosty period.

All of these recipes include an ilumi dish as a core ingredient – it’s been inspiring to learn how our food can be easily transformed into delicious hearty meals. Our team have developed four comforting recipes - who knew our two minute ready meals could be transferred into something totally unique acting as the perfect cheat ingredient.

Holding a Christmas dinner party or a festive celebration? These recipes will provide you with fuss-free restaurant quality food, your guests will think you’ve been slaving away over the oven all afternoon! Your secret is safe with us – we promise!

We’re kicking things off with our Chilli Cottage Pie with Sweet Potato & Parsnip topping – a contemporary take on a comforting classic using our very own [gluten-free chilli][1] con carne as a filling. Perfect for a family night in and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. This recipe was one of the taste panels' favourites out of this new collection! Get your [Chilli con Carne][2] HERE.

Download the recipe card by clicking on the link below and look out for our recipe booklet coming to you soon!

[![Download](/static/admin/img/media-document-logo.png "Download") Download your Cottage Pie recipe here! ](/media/document/547888469c8e6/download "Download")

[1]: http://www.ilumiworld.com/products/view/chilli_con_carne

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