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Christmas Food & Wine matching

Many of us spend hours preparing a great Christmas dinner, yet we rarely think about the wine and refreshments. Anything can end up on the table from that bottle of Chardonnay you got for your birthday last year to that bottle of Prosecco you received from your work colleague following your promotion last year.

If you're hosting the festive lunch year, we’re sure you’ll want to bang something down on the table that will not only impress but keep everyone at bay (especially if you’ve got most of the family round!). It can be easy to assume that because you’re serving a white meat you should also serve a white wine. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, here’s some tips for those of you who are unsure what wine to go for.

Turkey, like most poultry, is medium weight and is not powerfully favoured; whilst also having a relatively low fat content. Therefore, according to the fine wine merchants [Berry Bros. & Rudd][1] it is best served with either a full-bodied white or a medium-full red wine – or both if you want to spoil your guests for choice.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that most of the flavours from your Christmas lunch come from the accompaniments. Cranberry and redcurrant sauces are fruity and sweet and therefore will not go well with a mellow aged red wine. Instead choose a young, ripe and fruity wine. [Berry Bros. & Rudd][1] have therefore suggested selecting a good quality Californian Zinfandel or a Beaujolais Cru. If perhaps you prefer more traditionally English accompaniments like bread sauce and chipolata sausages, then a full-bodied Chardonnay, white Burgundy or a white southern Rhône will definitely go down a treat.

Wanting to be even more adventurous? Why not try making a festive cocktail – the perfect after dinner treat! Click [HERE][2]for a delicious Winter Pimm’s Punch recipe courtesy of BBC Good Food – we can’t wait to try it – who said Pimm’s had to be reserved exclusively for summer! Or if you prefer a snowball over Christmas click [HERE][3] for a warming flavourful recipe.

[3]: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/nancys-snowball

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