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ilumi Complete Winter Recipe Collection


[![Download](/static/admin/img/media-document-logo.png "Download") **Download the ilumi Winter Recipe Booklet here**](/media/document/5486aebc5f8ea/download "Download")


Or you can download our full suite of Winter Recipes here - use these easy-to-print recipe cards and pop them in your recipe collection at home. Try an ilumi twist on a classic mid-week meal:

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[![Download](/static/admin/img/media-document-logo.png "Download") Chilli Cottage Pie](/media/document/547888469c8e6/download "Download") - make our take on a spicy, warming cottage pie, complete with a smooth sweet potato and parsnip topping.

**Buy the ingredient for [Chilli Con Carne][1] here.**

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![](/media/original/54860680059f3/300x9999.jpg "")

[![Download](/static/admin/img/media-document-logo.png "Download") Venison Casserole](/media/document/5485d49dbb994/download "Download") with Pancetta & Sloe Gin - use the ilumi gluten-free casserole to fill individual pies with a perfected gluten-free pastry. Great for family and friends (or impressing the neighbours over the festive period!)

**Buy the key ingredient for [Venison Casserole with Pancetta & Sloe Gin][4] here.**

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[![Download](/static/admin/img/media-document-logo.png "Download") Coq au Vin](/media/document/5485cc2a17476/download "Download") - ilumi gluten-free Coq au Vin accompanied by more-ish savoury scones. Perfect for dipping and sharing.

**Buy the key ingredient for [Coq au Vin][2] here.**

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[![Download](/static/admin/img/media-document-logo.png "Download") Pork, Mushroom & Madeira Casserole](/media/document/5478930058c04/download "Download") - ilumi Pork Casserole with a unique addition of prunes for a sweet touch and crunchy cubed Parmentier potatoes and seasoned wilted spinach.

**Buy the key ingredient for the [Pork, Mushroom & Madeira Casserole][3] here.**

![](/media/original/548612aaeedbb/200x9999.jpg "")

[1]: http://www.ilumiworld.com/products/view/chilli_con_carne
[2]: http://www.ilumiworld.com/products/view/coq-au-vin
[3]: http://www.ilumiworld.com/products/view/pork_mushrooms_madeira
[4]: http://www.ilumiworld.com/products/view/venison-casserole-with-pancetta-and-sloe-gin

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