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Chinese New Year

This Thursday is the Lunar New Year, otherwise known as Chinese New Year.

The turn of the Chinese calendar will be celebrated with festivals, street parties, fireworks but most importantly food!

Traditionally Chinese families sit down for a reunion dinner on New Year’s Day.

The dinner usually consists of 8 dishes ([like ilumi’s Chinese banquet][1]) because the number 8 is meant to reflect good fortune. However if there has been a death in the family then only 7 dishes will be apportioned.

The food is commonly centred around meats. Chicken is very popular, as it is a symbol of fortune, while duck is often used as it means fidelity.

Different types of fish are also included in the New Year’s Day festival of food. This is because it sounds like the Chinese word for prosperity. Shellfish, such as dried oysters with sea moss are the more favoured type of fish dishes, however a raw fish salad is also commonplace.

**Fact:** The fish is never completely eaten, as the Chinese follow the saying 'may there be surpluses every year' meaning 'let there be fish every year'.

No Chinese banquet would be complete without an array noodles and spices. A noodle dish should always be prominent as the strands represent longevity.

**Fact:** Never cut the noodles, as it is believed if the strand is broken your life will be shortened.

The meal ends with red packets, containing money, and gifts being passed around the table. These are shared to usher wealth, happiness and honorability.

If you’re planning your only celebratory meal this Thursday, we’re offering up to [20% off all of our Chinese Range*][2]

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[1]: http://www.ilumiworld.com/products/view/chinese-banquet
[2]: http://www.ilumiworld.com/products

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