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Dishoom - Restaurant review

[Dishoom][1] is one of the last old Irani cafes of Bombay left in England. The all-day brasserie serves delicious Indian cuisine and is located next to the new Granary Square development, around the back of Kings Cross train station.

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Dishoom was voted:

- YELP’s UK best restaurant earlier this year
- Listed in the 2014 Michelen Guide
- Listed in the 2012, 2013 & 2014 Good Food Guide
- Won the British curry Awards Best Casual Dining Award for 2014

[Just to name a few][2]

Not only is Dishoom an award winner it’s also, more importantly, a dairy and gluten free restaurant. Along with their main menu, there is a separate amended sheet that provides us with all meals that are gluten and dairy free.

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Dishoom, in Bollywood terms, means ‘Pow!’ as in the noise made when characters duel and throw punches at each other in cartoon films and TV, and the dishes really do pack a punch.

Free-from meals range from their *House Black Daal* to their *Lamb Boti Kabab* and generous *Rajma Chawal*. When ilumi visited, we opted for the *Murgh Malai* (which is chicken thigh meat steeped overnight in garlic, ginger, coriander stems and cream) *Basmati Rice* and *Okra Fries* and it was delightful, full of flavour and Indian spices that tested the taste buds.

The 1920’s jazz that was softly layered with the Victorian architecture and the pre independence Bombay theme, made for an equally impressive atmosphere.

The availability and clarity of all gluten and dairy free products on the menus was a real joy to see. Dishoom customised their hand-outs so that is was made as easy as possible to pick the best free from meals.

Along with the pleasant and prompt service and the exceptional free-from selection, the four floored restaurant allows you to see the food being cooked with its second floor open plan chefs table and kitchen.

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The only downfall was on the refreshment section, a lack gluten free drinks was a disappointment. There wasn’t a gluten free lager in sight, which was very surprising for a restaurant that has clearly put a lot of time and effort in serving the free from community.

Overall, Dishoom delivered.

Ilumi rating – 4.5 / 5 - Very reasonably priced and has a plentiful and tasty free-from selection.

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[1]: http://www.dishoom.com/
[2]: http://www.dishoom.com/awards-accolades/

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