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Ugot - Restaurant Review


We visited Ügot in Central Station Newcastle to try their range of gluten free on-the-go food.

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Located next to platform 2, the cafe and store is small but full of colour and humour, with one sign reading 'Coeliac is the new black' above it's range of free from snacks and wraps.

The staff were incredibly friendly, talking us through their gluten, wheat and dairy free options, which ranged from Butternut Squash to Beetroot and Parsnip Soup.

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Ügot is a company that was born out of sheer frustration at the lack of low fat eateries on the high street.

Founder, Joe Carnell is the son of the creators of [Filmore & Union][1] another seller of pure natural and wholesome foods.

He wanted a place that sold fresh, flavoursome, natural foods and was as accessible as a quarter pounder joint.

There are only 2 stores nationwide, one in York railway station and the second at Newcastle central station, and this where we tried Ügot's selection of gluten free goodies.

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On our taste panel was coeliac Miriam, who struggles with finding tasty free from food.

First we tried the Mexican Chilli Beef;

![](/media/thumb/5526485ac1e6b/300x300_50_50_0.jpg "")

> "No exaggeration, that was one of the tastiest dishes I've had in a
> long time. The Borlotti beans brought something different and there
> was the right level of spice. I just wish there was more"

The second product was Joe's Choice Chicken Wrap;

![](/media/thumb/552648f5d01f3/300x300_50_50_0.jpg "")

> "Very nice indeed, I'm always looking for something to pick up on my
> lunch , that will fill me and wont taste like cardboard. This is
> perfect, the wrap's lighter than bread, and the chicken and sauce are
> nice and tangy"

We finished with a blueberry muffin;

![](/media/thumb/5526566600e21/300x300_50_50_0.jpg "")

> "Don't get me wrong it was tasty and very sweet, but just too heavy, a
> lot of stodginess"

As healthy fast food eateries go, this is the best I've seen, and it is a niche market as the high street is full of artery clogging quick fix restaurants.

However, it is quite dear, at £4.45 for a wrap, it's punishing to the back pocket for an on-the-go snack.

Overall, Ügot's been a hit, but you might want to start saving now if you wanted their gluten free chilli.

ilumi rating: 4 / 5 - Very good concept and really tasty. Pricing and limited free-from selection let it down however I'm sure as the company grows this will expand.

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[1]: http://www.filmoreandunion.com/

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