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Best Gluten Free Beers

Estrella Damm: Daura


This lager is one of the most popular gluten free beverages on offer. Sold in most supermarkets Daura can leave a bit of a gaping hole in your back pocket, but it's worth it! Spain’s Daura is made with barley malt and is as light, gentle and bubbly as a bottle of regular lager.

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Omission Beer: Lager


This lager is made like a traditional lager, brewed with an aromatic hop profile and with a piney and crisp texture this beer is incredibly refreshing. It is made from low-protein barley treated with an enzyme that breaks down gluten and at 4.6 % it also packs quite a kick.

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CELIA lager


CELIA is made from the same ingredient as Czech pilsners. Their lagers contain less than 0.5mg/100ml of gluten, so it is perfect if you’re a sufferer of coeliac disease or on a gluten free diet. Their lagers are delightfully light and taste as good as a top class Czech lager.

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The Belgian’s always come up trumps when it comes to beer, and they’ve certainly pulled out all the stops when creating their gluten free variety. They have produced nine different free from beers that range from IPA to amber Ale. We couldn’t choose just one of their selection, visit their site and maybe you can find your favourite.

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Dragon's Gold - Bard's Tale Beer Company


The brown ale is bold in flavour and is made from Sorghum, yeast, hops and water. Because of the beers refreshing nature and memorable taste it is a good session beer, so maybe grab yourself a few this summer.

Visit their site here.

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