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Robbie Britton - Gluten Free Athlete

When and why did you stop eating gluten?

In September 2013, after racing and life had been affected by my stomach issues for too long. It took someone else to notice that I actually had a problem.

How did a gluten free lifestyle effect your sporting performance?

It affected my training, my racing, energy levels and recovery. If your body isn't digesting your food properly then you aren't getting the nutrients you need. Recovery is so key in ultra running as you put your body through so much.

Where did you go for advice on the gluten free diet? Where was your first port of call?

At first I spoke to my doctor but, as I was a pretty healthy individual, they weren't too interested. Recently I have been working with Renee McGregor and it has helped so much. There are great resources online for gluten and dairy free recipes!

What do you eat before a race?

Normally something simple like GF porridge with banana & chia charge nut butter or one of my homemade rice cakes. They're a secret recipe though!

What’s your favourite gluten free dish?

Something like sweet potato and pumpkin curry with coconut milk. You wouldn't notice that most of my meals are gluten free as there as so many meals you can have. Just check out the Ilumi options to prove that!

What would your advice be for sportsmen and women contemplating whether to go gluten free?

There are always ways you can improve your diet and diet is key to recovery. Improving my diet not only allowed me to train harder and longer, but it's increased my quality of life as a whole. My stomach has been an issue for me for most of my life and thinking sensibly about my diet has possibly been the single biggest boost to my running career.

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