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Gluten Free Guide to Baking

Cross contamination

Unless your whole household is gluten free, you’re going to have to be extra vigilant when making gluten free bakes as well as regular bakes as there is always a chance of cross contamination. Before starting the baking process make sure all utensils and surfaces are cleaned thoroughly so there’s no gluten flying about when you’re cooking.

Keep it fresh

Store gluten free flours that contain a high amount fat in the freezer. This will keep the mixture fresh for longer.

Don't put up with stick

Gluten-free dough's are notoriously sticky so always oil your hands, or make sure they’re wet enough to avoid stickiness.

How to beat tough dough

Beating the dough for several minutes will lighten the mixture as it will allow it to get some air. This is something you shouldn’t do with non-gluten dough as normally the gluten will become strong and therefore lead to toughness.

Create crunch

A way of trying to recapture the crispiness of a gluten free baked good is to take your breads out of their pans, when they're about two thirds of the way through baking and then complete the baking on an oven rack.

Trial and error

Experiment with different kinds of baking so you can find a nice blend of tastes and textures. Blending flours together can provide a more balance and rounded gluten free bake.

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