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Tips on Cooking at a Festival

Eating out at festivals can be an expensive, junk-fuelled binge - or, if you want to get yourself back home in one piece, you can treat yourself to some goodness while out in the field. Here are a couple of our top tips! ...

  • Purchase a quality camp stove. (You will be cursing it if you don't!)
  • Always bring extra matches.
  • If you're creating a proper fire (rather than over a stove), bring a grill or grate to put over the fire.
  • If possible, purchase a separate set of dishes including cutlery, pans, kitchen towel, sponges & soap, just for your camping trips. Store them in a plastic container that can be pulled out and ready to go for each trip.
  • Decant cooking supplies & food into smaller quantities in small plastic containers, saving you a bit of packing space.
  • Don't forget a tin opener and (possibly more importantly!) a bottle opener
  • Get a sponge that has a scrubber on one side, to make washing pots and dishes easier.
  • Swiss Army type pocketknives are not good substitutes for a real corkscrew. Bring the real thing if you plan to have wine.
  • Invest in a spork (fork / spoon combo!)
  • Bring plenty of your own water with you - you'll need to keep hydrated and bottled water on site will be twice the price you could get it in a supermarket. Maybe try a collapsible water carrier.
  • If you can't be bothered to cook, bring some tapas - packs of sundried tomato or olives, cheese, ham and pita breads will give you a continental, European style supper that will satisfy.
  • If you do decide to eat out, check the stall hygiene rating (they should have these) and trust your instincts - if you're not sure, or wouldn't eat it at home, avoid at all costs!
  • Check what fuel types you are allowed to bring - some festivals won't allowed open flames. Additionally - double check whether you are allowed glass on site as you'll need to think about alternative drinks or decanting it if you like a bit of a tipple of wine!
  • Take some campfire treats (toasted marshmallows anyone?)
  • Bring a handful of ilumi one-pot gluten-free meals with you - easy, hot & fulfilling. Take other pre-prepared snacks like porridge pots, rice noodle pots which you can just add water or hot milk to.
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