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Finding your perfect pie

Christmas isn’t complete without a mince pie, or three, which is why we have taste tested a selection of free from options to help you find your perfect pie this festive season. The results are in…


First up, Sainsbury’s - 7/10                                                       IMG-2262

For us, Sainsbury’s took the lead, simply thanks to their variety of mince pies. With both iced and standard mince pies, they cater for the sweet-toothed, and the not so sweet-toothed. The quality of ingredients was high, the filling was juicy and the crust had that oh so perfect crunch. With icing not being the typical topping to a mince pie, we were pleasantly surprised by the perfect balance of sweetness and savoury-ness.

Free from: wheat, gluten and milk. £2.00


Up next, Waitrose - 6/10                                                                             IMG_0224 (1)                                                                  

A succulent centre, a crisp crust and a sweet aftertaste made for a very pleasant tasting when it came to the Waitrose mince pie. From the moment you open the packaging, an underlying smell reminds you that Christmas is just around the corner, and thanks to Waitrose, so is a delicious gluten and milk free pie.

Free from: gluten and milk. £2.50


Moving on to Aldi - 5/10                                                             IMG-2257

Prepare to get messy, because the Aldi mince pies were more than a little crumbly. Team that with a perfectly tangy filling, a somewhat savoury crust and a light sprinkling of icing sugar, and the result is a tasty and authentic mince pie.

Free from: gluten. £1.49


Following on, we have M&S - 6/10                                                     

A firm favourite when it comes to Christmassy nibbles, the M&S mince pies did not disappoint. A festive tasting pastry mixed with the traditional star on the front ticked all of the boxes for us. Our only comment? A lack of filling made the pies feel a little empty.

Free from: gluten. £2.50


Tesco - 6/10IMG-2258

With Tesco being the UK’s biggest supermarket, we were pretty hopeful when it came to theirs. Aesthetically pleasing and with an exceptionally tasty filling, the rich and fruity mincemeat instantly transports you to a festive-filled moment.

Free from: wheat, gluten and milk. £1.75


Next up, Morrisons - 5/10

With its golden shortcrust pastry, rich mincemeat filling and Christmassy odour, this really is Christmas in a mince pie. It has a sweet taste throughout and is generous in size.

Free from: wheat, gluten and milk. £2.00


Last but by no means least, ASDA - 6/10

Packed with plump sultanas and bramley apple with a touch of warming winter spice, these mince pies were a nice treat. The pastry may be a little crumbly, and the topping could perhaps do with an extra sprinkling of sugar, but the overall product is tasty, sweet and adventurous.

Free from: gluten. £1.75