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Our food development process

At ilumi, our absolute guiding principle is to make food that tastes great for everyone to enjoy. Gluten- and milk- free shouldn't mean free from taste - and with ilumi, it doesn't.

To accomplish this, we craft our recipes by focusing on what delicious flavours go in, not what has to be taken out. Taking away compromises the taste, which we don't allow! We make everything from scratch in our own kitchens, controlling the entire process to make it allergy-safe. And lastly, we cook our meals in modern space-saving pouches in a pressure cooker to naturally preserve all those fabulous flavours (which also conveniently means they don't need refrigeration).

So whether you're eating at home or out and about, and whatever your taste preference, we've got something delicious for you to try.

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ilumi tastes amazing by anyone's standards

All our ilumi recipes are carefully crafted to be that little bit "more" - more creative, more flavoursome and more like what you'd like to cook yourself (or order in a restaurant!) From aromatic Thai tom kha gai soup, fragrant with coconut and lemongrass, to a peppercorn and shallot reduction that turns a plain steak into something special, our dishes make eating allergen-free an absolute pleasure.

We achieve this by sourcing our ingredients carefully, not just so they're guaranteed allergen-free, but also to capture the best and freshest flavours. Then we cook them from scratch in our bespoke kitchens, just as you would do at home - though on a slightly larger scale! We package our dishes carefully and then gently steam them in the pouch until everything's cooked to perfection (top chefs do this, too - it's called sous-vide cooking, and it's a fabulous way to keep flavours and moisture in the food where they belong!)

When you open an ilumi meal, all you need to do is heat it and enjoy our fabulous flavours with confidence. That's what we think allergen-free eating should be all about!

Creative cooking at its best

At ilumi, we take our own, slightly different approach to allergy-free cooking. Instead of focusing on what we need to leave out to make a dish safe, we focus on what delicious ingredients we can put in. (We're positive like that.

For instance, lots of people like a nice curry, but popular curries like Korma often contain gluten, milk proteins and nuts. We didn't go to artificial lengths to create a pseudo-Korma, though. Instead, we ventured a bit further afield, to southern India, and found a recipe for Kerala chicken curry that simply doesn't need these ingredients; instead, it uses coconut milk and delicate spices to create an authentic, creamy, aromatic dish the whole family can enjoy (and believe us, these meals are definitely delicious enough for everyone to share!)

Something for every taste

Here at ilumi, we love food, and we enjoy eating recipes from all over the world. So we developed our range based on serving different tastes. From traditional British casseroles to aromatic Thai soups and from creamy south Indian curries to Italian classics, we have something for everyone.

Our gravies are a convenient accompaniment to the Sunday roast, and our sauces are great for adding to a speedy mid-week stir-fry. For a warming lunchtime bite or a lighter dinner, we have a range of flavoursome soups.

We've also got dishes perfect for a quick last-minute meal, like our Beef Meatballs in Tomato Sauce or Lamb Rogan Josh; just add some rice and you've got a complete meal in minutes.

Anytime, anywhere

Remember those old "anytime, anywhere" ads? Well, we recognise the importance of the convenience factor in modern living. Our products don't require refrigeration, because we prepare them in a sealed environment (it also means they don't need unnecessary preservatives: a double win!). This makes it simple to enjoy ilumi when you're at home or when you're out: at work, on holiday, wherever the mood takes you.

Our cooking methods