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Find the best dairy free Easter Egg


Booja booja Almond and Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Truffles - 9/10Booja Booja

The most expensive of all the eggs we tasted, these truffles certainly didn’t   disappoint. With a crunchy shell breaking into a soft and creamy centre, these really are indulgent. Our only negative comment? You only get 3 truffles in each egg, and we definitely could have done with more!
Free from: dairy, gluten and soya. Also organic. £9.99

Celtic Alternative to Milk Chocolate Egg - 6/10Celtic
You’d struggle to believe this egg didn’t contain dairy thanks to its great flavour and taste. The egg may be a little soft so lacks the crunch as you break into the egg, but it makes up for it with just the right amount of cocoa. The addition of 6 choc discs with the egg are an added bonus.
Free from: dairy, wheat, gluten and egg. £5.99

Moo Free Original Organic Easter Egg - 7/10
Thanks to its slightly dark chocolate taste, this is the egg for you if you prefer the daMoorker variety. The chocolate is nice and thick, with a nice sweet taste - it has just the right balance. The eg has good consistency with a satisfying crunchg and the packaging is great for children, with a little story about Mikey Bunny and Hammy Hamster creating the perfect egg for ‘people who can’t eat milk chocolate’.
Free from: dairy, gluten, wheat and soya. £4.25