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Perfect your tea break with a gluten free biscuit


Schar Milk Chocolate Nobbles - 7/10Schar
After a digestive? Look no further. These Schar nobbles really are the real deal. Perfectly crunchy with a sweet chocolate-y coating, they’re just the ticket to accompany that mid-afternoon brew. If you’re the dunking type, you’ll be glad to know these won’t leave you with that biscuit residue at the bottom of your mug.
Free from: gluten and wheat. £2.09


Prewetts Chocolate Cookies - 8/10Prewetts Cookies
We have a winner, ladies and gentlemen! Indulge in these cookies, and you won’t be disappointed. The milk, white and dark chocolate chunks are absolutely divine, as is the consistency - delightfully crunchy, with just the right amount of crumble.
Free from: gluten. £1.71


Bakers Delight Wafer Fingers - 5/10Bakers Wafer Fingers
Our least favourite, but by no means untasty were these wafer fingers. They’re a little light on taste, but make up for it with their carefully created wafer centre. Individually wrapped, they make the perfect on-the-go snack.
Free from: gluten and wheat. £2.29


Prewetts Chocoful Biscuits - 6/10Prewetts Cookies
Are you a chocoholic? If so, these are absolutely for you. The creamy, chocolate coating is suitably thick giving a sublime taste, before reaking into a crispy centre.
Free from: gluten. £1.50


Nairn's Oat and Chocolate Chip Biscuits - 5/10
Less of a biscuit and more of a savoury snack, these Nairn's oat and Nairn's Oats and Chocchocolate biscuits certainly didn’t disappoint. The taste of the holegrain oats shines through and complements the chocolate chips perfectly.
Free from: gluten and wheat. £1.85


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