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Looking for free from pasta?

Spaghetti, macaroni, tagliatelle, penne, rigatoni - there are so many different types of pasta
out there, but don’t think that your options are limited for gluten free pasta. We tasted a
selection, and here’s what we thought:

Co-op Free From Fusilli - 8/10
If you’re after a free from pasta that tastes as close as possible to regular pasta, then this one’s for you. It holds its shape unlike other free from products, isn’t too heavy and has a lovely taste - it’s made from maize and rice. It’s packaging also happened to be our favourite.

Free from: gluten and egg. £1.59

Tesco Free From Penne - 6/10
Our highlight with this pasta? The cooking time is only 8-10 minutes, meaning you don’t have to wait long to eat it, although we’d actually recommend going to the lower end of the cooking scale to ensure that perfect al dente effect. What’s more, if you’re adding sauce, don’t forget this will soften the pasta. The pasta has a good thickness and nice taste, and our only negative is that it had slightly crumbled in the packaging.

Free from: gluten, wheat, milk and egg. £1.15

Morrisons Free From Fusilli - 7/10
This fusilli tastes great - the pasta cooked well, although its cooking time is 11-13 minutes, so slightly longer than the others we tasted - the only negative we have about this product.
Free from: gluten. £1.38

Tesco Free From Fusilli - 6/10
Unlike the penne, this Tesco fusilli did slightly disintegrate when it neared the end of its cooking time. Nonetheless, the taste was still good - not our favourite, but still nice. The product definitely required an extra pinch of salt, but all round, it’s a solid choice for a good free from pasta.
Free from: gluten, wheat, milk and egg. £1.15

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